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Are you doing everything you can to enhance engagement and WOW your event attendees?

The success of any event is gauged by the experience of the attendees. With the digital landscape changing, event organizers have to continuously evolve to keep the attendees engaged. How do you do that? Of course, engaging attendees isn’t easy. You need to understand the audience and build your event management strategy around it. In […]

7 Tips To Retaining Your Shoppers

(Source: Singapore Business Review) The retail marketplace is changing fast, becoming more competitive. You are always looking for ways to increase sales and improve the bottom-line, spending hundreds of dollars on promotions, advertisements, and campaigns trying to lure new customers. However, acquiring new customers is becoming tougher and costlier by the day. To stay ahead […]

How to drive customer loyalty in retail

4 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement and Loyalty in Retail Do you have a brand? Then, you must know that having and retaining loyal customers form the base and backbone of your business. If your brand is unable to engage your customers effectively, there are lesser chances of your business to thrive for long! Many […]

A.I. for Hoteliers 2018: The future is here

Smart AI Concierge – Future of the Hotel Guest Experience We live in a technology driven world, and it is clear that industries that do not embrace the potential of new technology stagnate, losing momentum and failing to develop. Whether it is the growth of the connected world in the last 20 years, or the […]

5 Ways to Drive Footfall to Malls

(Source: Networkworld) In the era of Industry 4.0, where artificial intelligence (AI) and other technological advances make the world ever more connected, distribution channel of goods are also getting ever more versatile. AI software solutions and algorithms targeting customers and placing ads to those who deem them relevant, help shoppers navigate through all the clutter […]

Winimy’s Alexa-based Voice AI Wooed the Audience

World’s First Voice AI Wayfinding & Digital Concierge Wooed the Audience At AWS Summit Singapore 2018, built an Amazon Alexa Voice AI solution delivering concierge & wayfinding for all the event attendees. We brought together multiple technologies – voice, natural language processing (NLP), real-time context-aware AI response engine, and Game Development frameworks (for graphical […]

Smart SMEs make Smart Cities and Smart Economies

Next Year, Singapore takes on Chairmanship of the Association of South-east Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the 2 key opportunities for the region that will be of prime focus are building Smart cities and SME digitization. More on that from Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan here: In our first post, we started exploring topics of SME digitization. […]

SME Digitization and Why It Matters to All

SMEs: Across nations, they make over 30% (sometimes 60%) of the GDP, employ over half to two-thirds of the population, and represent about 90% of the businesses/professionals. These numbers are staggering and significant. Simply put, close to a billion people in the world today are employed outside of the multinational corporation (MNC) world. This segment […]