Hotel In-room Concierge

Smart In-room Concierge Service

For hoteliers, Artificial Intelligence (AI), has potential in multiple areas of the industry, providing innovative ways to enhance guest experience while also streamlining operations. Voice is the new front door to the internet, and hence to your brand customers. Our technology combines AI with Voice to create a solution in the form of a program that can be easily incorporated into any voice assistant like Google home, Amazon Alexa, or any custom voice assistant as well. An in-room AI concierge can provide in-depth customer service, complimenting the carefully crafted surroundings with a curated hotel customer experience that delivers a hotel room service solution that exceeds guest’s expectations.

Features and Capabilities

Recommends Hotel Amenities & Services

Facilitates Automated Checkout

Housekeeping and Room service requests

Provides Information

Transportation and Directions

Voice Enabled interface

24/7 Customer Service


Cost Efficient

Eliminate the in-room phone with universal compatible phone functionality. The In-room concierge also replaces the alarm clock, speaker, guest booklet and charging ports.

Upsell facilities

The concierge makes it easier for customers to engage with the services offered. It helps hotels make optimum use of the amenities to allow greater convenience and information to customers

Operational efficiency

The concierge answers frequently asked questions immediately and is able to answer 90% of front desk queries, for example, amenities, timings, local attractions, etc. It frees up front-desk staff to deal more complex and value-added work. Saves man-hours and adds efficiency.

Insightful Analytics & data

It helps collect feedback and reviews while chatting with guests. The information tracked can improve customer satisfaction by identifying & decreasing customer pain points.



Select your hotel’s smart concierge persona, then add impor tant information including conversation flow and frequently asked questions. You get autonomy in deciding how the interaction with your customer goes.


Our solution is compatible with any voice assistant in the market. The customizable program makes it easy to be used as a voice-only or voice & video form.


The operative interface is customer friendly and easily accesible and allows the hotel guests to use natural language to connect and enquire.


Regular, information-based queries about the hotel amenities, timings and other repetitive requests are responded in real time.


Requests that do require staff intervention, for example, ordering room service, clean up etc are diverted to the relevant department


  • Transportation arrangement
  • Room checkout
  • In-room dining

As we have moved through the years, technology has always played an important part in our resourts. The thing that Amazon has done with Alexa is quite perfect. If I have ever seen anything in my 49 years of developing resorts that has made our job of delivering a perfect experience to our guests easier and help us get to another level, it is Alexa.

Steve Wynn

CEO of Wynn Resorts

The way to a customer’s heart is much more than a loyalty program. Making customer evangelists is about creating experiences worth talking about.

Valeria Maltoni

39% of people surveyed said they are completely comfortable using chat to contact the hotel front desk, while only 7% said they would not be


Global Travel

Messaging, is like having a personal concierge at your fingertips at all times. The new generation of guests is more comfortable with texting vs. calling. The mobile device represents convenience and a sense of connectedness to the hotel at all times, even before arrival.

Rick Garlick

Lead of JD Power