Hotel Industry - Challenges Threats and Challenges in the Industry

Customer Expectations

With millenials and digitally savvy customers, the changing behaviour comes with changing expectations.

Skill Shortage

Due to rapid growth and very high attrition rates, this industry faces constant shortage of skilled workers.

High Competition

Growing competition from Airbnb and others resulted in reduced margins

Technology Adoption

Presence of legacy systems and low adoption of latest technologies.

Questions Commonly Asked by Guests In the age of WhatsApp and WeChat, as chat becomes the primary mode of communication for the new age guest, chatbots becomes a key medium to connect with the customers.

A data set of interactions.

We analyzed the data from our existing Hotel clients and compiled a list of all interactions that a hotel guest performs. This data set gave us detailed insights into the typical in-room guest would enquire.Many of these queries are repetitive and simple queries which can be automated.

Categories of Queries

  • 1
    Informational Queries: Example: Wifi-Password, Swimming pool timings etc.
  • 2
    IRoom Service Related: Ordering water, towels, food, toiletries. Check-in/Out Related: Queries related to check-in and check-out timings, extending it etc.
  • 3
    ITroubleshooting: Example: TV not working, Air-con not working etc.
Of all the queries, are basic information seeking ones.
Of all the queries, are basic information seeking ones.
Of all the queries, are basic information seeking ones.

HotelBot - Our solution
HotelBot - an AI powered, Voice enabled solution can help meet the growing demands of the customer, and address the pain points of the Hotel industry.

Customer Engagement

HotelBot can provide consistency, personalised and reliable (24x7) communication channel.

Improve Efficiency

Automate repetitive and simple tasks so that the staff can focus on more high value tasks.

Multi-Lingual Support

HotelBot can handle multiple languages and reduce communication barriers for the guests from around the world.

Train and Retain

HotelBot can constantly interact with the staff be a constant training companion.


AI VOICE DEMOClick on the play button to find out more

  • Transportation arrangement
  • Room checkout
  • In-room dining