Voice for business

The future of customer engagement

Voice AI has begun to redefine the way people shop, communicate, stay organized and much more. The availability of home speakers in an increasing number of households has made voice-enabled engagement a commonplace phenomenon. The world of voice AI today is a blank canvas, waiting for innovative entrepreneurs and companies to make their mark. Winimy creates customer-centric Voice AI solutions for businesses so that they can use the power of conversational marketing to forge deeper connections with their customers and drive higher engagement and loyalty.

Your brand needs a VOICE

Winimy believes that Voice AI is the way forward.
We focus on technologies that can support the growing consumer and business requirements of voice interfaces


Intelligent Interface

Your intelligent conversational UI, can be “trained” to respond wherever your customers engage and learn from interactions improving itself with each use.


Communication can be personalized for each user experience––on every channel.

Interactive marketing

The customer can interact in every way and in every place they engage online. Your business can integrate a voice-bot or chatbot API into your current IT system or start with a social channel where your consumers most align.

Voice first edge

The end-user experience isn’t the only big benefit. It’s a foundational shift for how you communicate with your customers.


The architecture enables ubiquity in communication. Your customers can reach your voice assistant onsite, on social, on email and on a device where they can continue the conversation easily.

Conversational commerce

Voice assisted chatbots on-site is the way conversational UI can evolve to where your customers engage. Native voice bots can increase your control of data and customer experience.

Case Studies


Winimy created a voice skill for Amazon Alexa for customised meditation programmes in the Sadhguru’s voice and won the Alexa award for Agency of the Year" (Raising the Bar)


In partnership with Dominos India, winimy created a dynamic voice skill for ordering pizza through Alexa enabling dominos to reach thousands of Alexa users at the comfort of their homes

Google cloud summit

Winimy was the official voice AI concierge partner for the Google cloud summit held in Singapore, our solution provided voice-based assistance for event navigation and wayfinding.

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Sales Executive

Tata Telecommunications

The Voice AI wayfinding solution is helping in my faster commute around the expo. I would like to use this solution in my business if you can customize this for my needs.

Digital Transformation Expert


Very Innovative concept. Makes it so much easier to navigate the exhibit area and find a booth or company you are looking for

Isha Foundation


Kudos on being instrumental in bringing the first ever public figure launched on Alexa

Alexa Agency Awards 2018


Most highly rated skill