The biggest advantage is for enterprises using 3D presentations for conferences and meetings. Content is tactile and interactive and people can see the presenter even though he is not present in reality. Participants are beamed from multiple locations into the meeting thereby improving training, design, and visualization. The effect is engaging, exciting and fresh. Using holograms in meetings, shows etc. can enthrall attendees and forge lasting, meaningful impressions.


Transcend geographical boundaries

Reduce costs of travel and avoid scheduling conflicts by gaining global access to talent. Get freedom from the logistical challenges of flying in dignitaries, speakers and CEOs

Two way interactivity with audience

Our technology allows you to appear in many locations simultaneously, and provides the chance to have two way interactivity for live holograms.

Engaging product demo

Holograms can be used to create engaging pre-recorded and 3D content for product launches and trade shows and retail displays.

Versatility, and scalability

Non intrusive technology makes it easy and accessible for anyone anywhere. Requires minimal technological equipment for beaming and easily transportable..

Connect with audience

Awes, Inspires and engages, so your message gets maximum attention and your brand forms a meaningful, memorable connection with audiences

Differentiate your event

Create an unforgettable impression by differentiating your event/offering or showcase through innovative displays

Use Cases

Events and Trade shows

Wow attendees with holographic speakers in real-time and gain access to global talent

Corporate meetings

Beam in executive level presenters to multiple locations simultanosly

Product Demos

Radically Transform sales and marketing engagement by levaraging engaging 3d demos and pre-recorded content

Education and Training

Share specialized instruction from remote instructors and maximise availability for corporate training and certification

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Don Tapscott

CEO, Tapscott Group

I just gave a keynote speech sitting here in Toronto to a huge audience in Singapore, i could interact with them as if i was really there. I think this technology has the potential to change conferences forever. It doesn’t get better than this!

Marion Chung

Event attendee, Office expo asia 2018

This is simply an awe inspiring technology that makes distance irrelevant, i’ve never seen anything like this and was totally captivated by it. Can’t wait to see more events with holograms .

Melissa Teo

Assistant Marketing Manager, BizLink Exhibition Services

As event organisers we were initially apprehensive about using a technology so new but the results were worth the risk, the hologram added a wow factor and made our event quite a talking point. The team was efficient with the set up and ensured a smooth experience.

Linda Nguyen Schindler


It was so cool to see the hologram technology in action, i think it will completely revolutionise the way events, conferences and concerts take place, and the most interesting aspect was that the holograms are live people who you can interact with and not just a recording or a robot.