Winimy builds and orchestrates AI-engineered bespoke customer engagement technologies. “Winimy has a bold mission to use voice based AI to transform business-customer interactions, We believe that voice AI is the way forward in customer behaviour and interactions between businesses and customers in the next few years will be driven by it.” - Swami Sekar, Founder, CEO, Winmy AI

At Winimy, we understand the ever increasing expectations of customers and companies for smart living and improved customer experience across multiple customer touch points. With our expertise and patented artificial intelligence (AI) and voice solutions, we design the future of how customers discover, connect and transact with businesses.

Our futuristic solutions are adopted by aspiring industry leaders in smart hotel, shopping mall, telecommunication and conversational marketplace. We strive to design and implement best-in-class seamless customer engagement platform beyond expectations for improved customer satisfaction, from initial, singular customer touchpoint (AI chatbot) to broader end-to-end customer journey across omnichannel (both digital and offline) with AI and IoT architecture.


We have a bold ambition to shape the future of business-customer communication with artificial intelligence (AI). Our values of customer-centricity, mutual respect and constant learning will foster a great environment for you. We envision to lead the wave of industrial revolution 4.0 by augmenting human, bridging smart and civilised community.


Arming the aspiring game changers across various industries, we aspire to enhance communications and engagement between you and businesses via humane, creative and innovative way with AI technology (patent pending), for sustainable future.



"An idea is salvation by imagination," echoing the words from Frank Llyod Wright, we ideate the ideal future of customer experience and engagement for you and businesses, redesign and transcend the norms and quality for a better and sustainable world.


We incessantly innovate, committed to pushing the boundaries of technology for seamless solutions with human-centered design philosophy that create positive impact on the lives of humans.


We constantly experiement, evolve and keeping abreast of the latest trends and technology to stay on top of the game. We will never change our conviction of delivering cutting-edge technology that bridges the communication between businesses and customers.

Brand story

Intelligence orchestrated for you

Winimy stands for exchange or communicate. We envision a future in business-customer communication where the use of human centric design can rearchitect customer engagement across the emerging digital channels - voice, digital, mobile and social. In this world, we see a role for automation (AI and bots) in supporting the business staff & helping customers get their needs expressed faster. With mundane and repetitive tasks taken off their hands, and automation assisting to reduce error rates, the people in an organization can focus deeper on the more complex customer interactions and issues. There is a role for both AI and humans to co-exist and evolve.

When we started Winimy, we wanted to address 3 issues at the core of one theme, Customer Engagement. First, the digital millennial customer who doesnt want to wait, and would like to express their need or issue to a business when it's on top of their mind. Second, business struggling to efficiently respond to this customer demand, because it's too expensive to service with just Humans and it's too unreliable to depend on just bots/automation. Third, the struggle a majority of SME and mid-size Enterprises have with adopting digital transformation and keeping up with the fast changing technology trends.

The advent of AI allows for a fresh take on the future of customer engagement. Winimy brings a customer centric approach to designing an omnichannel customer engagement strategy for a business - touching the most important of their digital channels, and powered with a human interface and AI capabilities to enable a business to co-pilot the best experience for their customers. We believe in 3 core values for our employees - Expand and explore to keep learning, be very customer centric (your day is measured by the value delivered to your customers), and work hard on problems that have an impact and bring a positive change to the world.