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With the millennial spending directed more on multi-sensory experiences than over product ownership, Physical spaces such as malls, hotels etc can no longer be just about traditional engagement. Winimy has revolutionized physical spaces by introducing the World’s first voice AI way-finding & concierge solution that has been utilised successfully at many events. Winimy’s mall specific wayfinding and concierge service was showcased recently at the Office Expo Asia 2018 customized for The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The objective of the solution is to provide seamless omnichannel engagement for malls, events and offices.

Intelligent Information

Engages attendees & customers with touch-friendly display and ease of access.


Ease of making large spaces navigatable and convenient.

Gamified Display

User-friendly and personalised display which makes it accessible and easy to use and interpret by anyone.

Customised engagement

Can create an event agenda based on users priority and enable smart registration.

Voice first

Speech-enabled interaction

Human-Centric design

User-friendly interface which can be operated by anyone.


Interactive technology

Engages attendees & customers with touch-friendly display and ease of access.

Leverage Physical spaces

The concierge makes it easier for customers to engage with the physical space and helps brands make optimum use of the space to allow greater convenience and information to customers.

Third party service integration

Lets users Book a taxi, restaurant, room or tickets. Customized to your brand. Technology can be Integrated with 3rd party apps and websites for marketing purposes.

Insightful Analytics & data

The information tracked can improve customer satisfaction by identifying & decreasing customer pain points.

Dual Benefits

The concierge makes it more convenient for users and customers to navigate and provides an opportunity for upselling and brand awareness to the companies.

Omni-channel engagement

It can be tweaked to be consistently used over other platforms ranging from websites to social media to mobile applications for example, directing customers to the correct spot on the website or FAQ.

Use Cases


Due to the mushrooming of myriad stores, shoppers are easily bedazzled by stores popped up in the mall and find it difficult to locate their desired store.


Technology has significantly altered the way meetings and events are held today. Attendees expect higher levels of customization and more control of their event experience.


Hotel guests often expect minimal wait time and fast check-in service while arriving in the hotel; hotel concierge and front office officers are overwhelmed by the throng of crowd or massive requests at times.

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Digital Transformation Expert


Very Innovative concept. Makes it so much easier to navigate the exhibit area and find a booth or company you are looking for


Singapore Airlines

It allows us to navigate freely in a large conference like AWS Summit. This is my first experience with Voice AI in wayfinding and this is very interesting concept

Event Attendee

AWS Summit 2018

A perfect solution for a huge traffic driven concierge service

Senior Exec

Leading Venue Management firm

Great way to find my way. I no more need to look at the instructions on a booklet at a conference, I rather ask Echo. Very excited to use this solution!