A.I. for Hoteliers 2018: The future is here

26th April 2018

Smart AI Concierge – Future of the Hotel Guest Experience

We live in a technology driven world, and it is clear that industries that do not embrace the potential of new technology stagnate, losing momentum and failing to develop. Whether it is the growth of the connected world in the last 20 years, or the refinement of software applications in the last decade, the landscape of new technology has been transformed, delivering powerful new solutions across all industries. For hoteliers, one such technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has potential in multiple areas of the industry, providing innovative ways to enhance guest experience while also streamlining operations.

AI is often mistakenly thought of as a replacement for humans, but in reality, it is a technological aid, not a replacement. A smart AI concierge can provide in-depth customer service, complimenting the carefully crafted surroundings with an improved hotel customer experience that delivers a hotel room service solution that exceeds guest’s expectations. Not only does the smart hotel concierge provide that superior experience, but it also increases brand value, as the AI solution itself becomes part of the hotel customer experience.

As AI has become an increasingly integral part of guests lives, think of Siri on iPhones, or Google Home and Amazon Alexa services in their homes, so they have become more accepting of such technology elsewhere, and AI for hotels continues that trend. delivers smart hotel concierge service that provides advantages for both guests and hoteliers alike, with an easy-to-use, 24/7 personalized approach that can enhance guest experience, while improving hotel room service itself.

Smart AI concierge services are tailored to the fast-paced world we live in today. As hotel guests have become more demanding, expecting minimal wait times and fast check-in at all times, it is unquestionable that the demands on the traditional concierge service have increased significantly, and the expected hotel customer experience has become more difficult to maintain. By providing a responsive, innovative smart hotel concierge platform, hoteliers can improve the hotel customer experience, with the technology working to supplement existing provisions, not supplant them.

In a competitive market, there is a constant desire to enhance guest experience through many channels, AI for hotels works to complement existing hotel room service, providing real time answer to queries ranging from restaurant and entertainment recommendations to administrative interactions. The exceptional response times and innovative interface adds a new dimension to hotel customer experience, and far from replacing existing skilled staff, it adds to those skills and delivers an additional level of hotel customer experience.

As guests become used to cutting-edge AI in their lives, from Amazon Alexa in their homes to the AI assistant in their smartphones, the absence of such technology within the hotel environment will become more jarring. As first networked internet and then wifi have become expected as part of the hotel service as they became an essential part of life over the last decade, so AI for hotels will become a standard part of the hotel customer experience, now and in the future.