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Winimy AI introduces an innovative way to be anywhere in the world at anytime !

Famous due to sci-fi movies, 3-D holographic images are fast becoming a reality. We saw extensive use of this holographic projection in the Star War series. The most famous one being Princess Leia makes a holographic plea for help to Kenobi in the original “Star Wars” film. In today’s Augmented and Virtual Reality backed technology: […]

Star Wars is now a reality; Winimy AI brings Holographic Telepresence to Asia

Winimy AI has been transforming events through our award winning voice AI concierge and Wayfinding solutions. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the startup industry for pioneering omnichannel customer engagement at events like the Amazon AWS conference, Echelon Asia 2018 and many more. On 19th july 2018 we took a gigantic step towards […]

Winimy AI Debuts Smart Emcee and Automated Registration at the Cargill Digital Expo

 Winimy AI is a name synonymous with the most innovative tech solutions transforming events and conferences. Our solutions have been implemented successfully by massive events like Amazon AWS and Echelon 2018, and we will be present as the official wayfinding and concierge partners for the upcoming Office Expo Asia  2018 at Marina Bay Sands.   […]

Singapore is on its way to becoming a Smart Nation; here’s how Winimy is contributing towards it.

The biennial World Cities Summit is a platform for government leaders and industry experts to address liveable and sustainable city challenges, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships. Under the overarching theme of “Smart cities” and “Smart Nations”, the summit has a global platform called “City Solutions Singapore”  (CSS) which is the preferred global […]

Winimy Ushers an Era of Smart Events @ Echelon Asia Summit 2018

Echelon Asia Summit is e27’s prized event that brings together a consortium of startups, investors, corporates, tech ecosystem players, governments and customers at a single platform. Winimy AI aims to transform and optimise events through their patented voice powered AI solutions and the company was the official concierge partner at the Echelon event in Singapore […]

SGInnovate X Microsoft : Winimy is the winner of the ScaleUp Contest !

The Microsoft ScaleUp programme (previously known as Microsoft Accelerator) is designed for Series A startups and offers access to sales, marketing and technical support and is available exclusively to disruptors who are changing the face of technological innovation. Disrupting the business-customer communication landscape is what Winimy AI is known for and today was a testament to the spirit of […]

Are you doing everything you can to enhance engagement and WOW your event attendees?

The success of any event is gauged by the experience of the attendees. With the digital landscape changing, event organizers have to continuously evolve to keep the attendees engaged. How do you do that? Of course, engaging attendees isn’t easy. You need to understand the audience and build your event management strategy around it. In […]

5 Industries AI Will Disrupt in the Next 10 Years

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest new technologies on the block, and entrepreneurs are rushing to get a solid understanding of what it means for them. It’s predicted that AI bots will power 85% of customer service interactions by 2020 and will drive up to $33 trillion of annual economic growth.

What’s now and next in analytics, AI, and automation

Rapid technological advances in digitization and data and analytics have been reshaping the business landscape, supercharging performance, and enabling the emergence of new business innovations and new forms of competition. At the same time, the technology itself continues to evolve, bringing new waves of advances in robotics, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), and especially machine learning. […]

Artificial intelligence: Disruption era begins

Artificial intelligence software solutions will likely be the top disruptor in technology in the next decade, like smartphones and the cloud. Software’s ability to self-learn by processing data may spur consumer and enterprise applications. Companies embracing AI may get a competitive edge; ones that don’t run the risk of being disrupted and phased out. AI […]