Winimy AI introduces an innovative way to be anywhere in the world at anytime !

02nd August 2018

Famous due to sci-fi movies, 3-D holographic images are fast becoming a reality. We saw extensive use of this holographic projection in the Star War series. The most famous one being Princess Leia makes a holographic plea for help to Kenobi in the original “Star Wars” film. In today’s Augmented and Virtual Reality backed technology:  3D holographic telepresence submerges the attendee/viewer in the emerging technological and virtual reality world. Virtual Reality offers an immersive experience, engaging consumers into an entirely digital world, combining real life with the digital elements.

What is a Hologram- Photorealistic Stereoscopic 3D Imaging

 It is a holographic image of live people with whom you can interact in real-time, irrespective of where they are. The image looks real from every angle, and to multiple viewers from different angles. This new technological advancement makes live two-way interactivity possible in the virtual realm to appear to be in reality.

The 3D imaging can be in real-time or as a pre-recorded video. Real-time presenters are able to see, hear, and interact with their audiences through motion tracking, gestures or mobile devices. 

How does a Hologram Interact?

Holograms can transport people anywhere across geography. They can even be beamed at multiple places simultaneously, in real-time and in HD stereoscopic 3D.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins was the first live Hologram to traverse the planet. His full-body 3D visage was transported across the world to another stage as a hologram, in Melbourne, Australia while he was on stage in Miami. He was able to see, hear and interact with the Australian audience in real-time.

US television personality Larry King has appeared as a Hologram at a Hong Kong event to showcase the revolutionary new augmented-reality technology.

Photorealistic Holograms - How is it a Game Changer for Meetings and Events

Holograms can radically transform events and meetings. These ultra-enhanced holograms can beam:

  • Company CEO to address employees at different locations at the same time by being virtually present

  • Speakers and performers to events for a compelling interactive presentation, thereby saving the cost of flying and accommodation

  • Pre-recorded HumaGrams in information kiosks and exhibition booths can drive traffic. In addition, organisers  can showcase the use of interactive visual aids on its 3D displays.


The benefits of this technology are multitudinous for the future of engagement at events and physical spaces. Not only does it help save time and eliminate geographical barriers but it also captivates audiences with a wow factor and ensures an unforgettable event experience. The technology provides live capture and 2 way transmission. Talent is captured, broadcasted and displayed as stunning photo-realistic human holograms directly to multiple stages

simultaneously with live 2-way interactivity.


According to Paul Duffy, president and CEO at ARHT Media “Using the ARHTengine, our displays can detect when a person is in its proximity, initiate a conversation with them using our HumaGrams, and serve programmed content that would be relevant to that person, all while collecting many forms of analytical data around the engagement and level of interest,”.


WinimyAI – Paving the Way Forward

 “When asked about the next big marketing trend, survey respondents identified consumer personalization (29%), AI (26%), and voice search (21.23%). These top three responses, which total 75% of all AI applications, demonstrate that AI is more pervasive and prominent than respondents realize.” (Source: BrightEdge)

Winimy AI is creating a new ecosystem of smart events with its award-winning voice AI concierge and wayfinding solutions. It has partnered with ARHT Media, the world leaders in holographic telepresence, to offer the first complete end-to-end solution for the creation, transmission, and delivery of lifelike digital holograms. Going forward this technology is going to transform the way events and conferences happen.

Winimy AI has always been the industry pioneer in AI Powered events and with this, we take our offering to the next level so that our partners can Optimise Infrastructure, Enhance Engagement and create an innovative and interactive event experience.

Winimy AI helps you build the VOICE of your brand. Make your next event a “smart event” email us at [email protected] to find out how.

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