Ordering food via WhatsApp? How WhatsApp Business API is helping restaurants manage delivery orders.

14th September 2022

With over 1.6 billion users, WhatsApp has bridged a gap between customers and businesses. Businesses can now deliver to the customers what they love the most- convenience and speed. These benefits have transpired in the restaurant industry as well. The customer can do everything from exploring the menu to ordering and tracking the order through WhatsApp Business. 

WhatsApp is now evolving from simply being a messenger app, to also becoming a platform for customer service. Since the average customer already uses WhatsApp daily, it becomes easier for businesses to stay in touch with them. Through the app, they can seep into the customers’ daily lives. 


Why is WhatsApp Business API helping restaurants? 


The process can be entirely automated with chatbots
There are multifold benefits of getting in touch with customers through WhatsApp chatbots. The entire process can be automated right from ordering to delivering. While the app makes the process of ordering hassle-free for the customer, it will also enable them to trust the restaurant more. Through WhatsApp, the customers feel more in touch with the establishment. Hence, they are more likely to order something from the restaurant.

The customers are more likely to trust the restaurant
This will also give the customers a greater sense of security in the way that it will establish an open channel of communication between them and the restaurant. Any queries or problems that the customer might have can be taken up in the same chat. This type of responsiveness further establishes the customer’s trust in the restaurant.

A more personalized experience can be curated for the customer
Through AI and WhatsApp chatbots, a restaurant can also analyze the customer’s ordering patterns and recommend personalized items to them accordingly. Getting the recommendations on a platform they use multiple times during the day, and being able to order it from the same chat would increase the customer’s chances of ordering.

WhatsApp Pay will make the process smoother end-to-end
With the introduction of WhatsApp Pay, customers can even securely pay for their orders on the same platform. This is even more incentive for the customers to order through WhatsApp chatbots. The speed and convenience simply result in positive feedback for the restaurant due to the enhanced user experience it curates.

How does Winimy help with automation and chatbots via WhatsApp?
Winimy AI specializes in providing efficient chatbots and voice bots for businesses. Now that WhatsApp Business is gaining immense popularity, there are a lot of scopes for businesses to better cater to their customers through WhatsApp chatbots. 

With Winimy’s help, businesses can engage with their customers on an app they already use every day. Hence, they would not be required to download any additional apps or visit any websites. 

Get more orders as a restaurant by integrating automated chatbots on WhatsApp 

Automation or chatbots on WhatsApp can help your restaurant in many ways. Do not miss out on the opportunity of tapping into the benefits that WhatsApp Business has to offer! 

If you are seeking to expand your customer base as a restaurant, or want to build a more efficient relationship with your customers, reach out to Winimy at: