Winimy AI Debuts Smart Emcee and Automated Registration at the Cargill Digital Expo

20th July 2018

 Winimy AI is a name synonymous with the most innovative tech solutions transforming events and conferences. Our solutions have been implemented successfully by massive events like Amazon AWS and Echelon 2018, and we will be present as the official wayfinding and concierge partners for the upcoming Office Expo Asia  2018 at Marina Bay Sands.


Just last week, we hosted a smaller, bespoke event for Cargill which shows the versatility of our solution. Cargill held a tech expo that brought together around 200 executives from all over the world and connected at the Singapore office, the APAC headquarters. It was a closed event meant only for Cargill employees and consisted of company updates and talks by many C-level executives.


See a sneak peak of CoCo in action, interacting with the Cargill employees below:

Winimy AI is known for pushing the boundaries of technology for a smarter living. Our partnership with Cargill proved that our solutions are not just for large events. We added value to Cargill’s private event by debuting our proximity based registration platform that registers event attendees in a mere 5 seconds per individual. The attendees commended the ease of event registration that is usually a pain point at such events. The quick and hassle-free registration procedure not only saved time but also sent an event itenary to the attendees, making the expo a truly smart event.


The other groundbreaking debut was CoCo, our robotic assistant who was the co-emcee at the event and handled the introduction of the speakers, interacted with the attendees and called out the winners of the lucky draw arranged by Cargill. Our solution and CoCo’s presence ensured that the employees were more engaged and CoCo was able to deliver the brand communication in a way that simply couldn’t be ignored.


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