The registration conundrum solved ! Winimy shows the way.

03rd August 2018

At all events, an attendee’s experience starts right from their registration at the venue. Registration is the first and main touch point where the attendee interacts with the organizers and event environment. Usually a cumbersome, complex process, the registration process will impact the attendee’s first impression of an event.

How to plan an effortless event registration system to enhance attendee experience

The success of the event depends on the experiences that the attendees have. With so much competition, it is important for the event to stand out in the crowded marketplace. A common bottleneck at an event is the registration process, where a lack of efficiency can adversely affect and dampen the experience of the attendee. Therefore, by providing a seamless registration process, one can start their event experience on a positive note.

By automating the planning process, and with the use of right tools, one can save time and money in addition to increasing the attendance.  The following steps can help with a seamless event check in experience.

1. Time: Keeping Registration Simple

Lengthy registration processes often cause unwarranted stress even before the start of the event. If the forms are lengthy and cumbersome, people may just decide to opt out of the event. To reduce this possibility, it is crucial to design a process that is simple and user- friendly. Allow attendees to first express their interest in an online app and gather the details needed. The details can then be translated to a kiosk during the event. Rather than having the attendee go through a lengthy form, the kiosk registration becomes a confirmation of details, hence drastically reducing the amount of time needed for registration. The attendee can then proceed to the main happenings of the event with little hassle.

2. Post Registration Follow-up – Build Value to the Event

Once the attendee has registered, value can be added by providing information about the itinerary and what they can expect from the event. Moreover, it can be used to start the buzz by talking about the event beforehand. Organisers can send videos of the past events, and introduce speakers and featured guest too. By sending event updates as they come, attendee engagement can be maximized and they are more motivated to come to the event

3. Make the Registration Design Responsive

To enhance attendee engagement while registering for the event, companies need to ensure a responsive design that interacts with attendees. Winimy AI has developed an automated registration portal that allows attendees to register for events in 5 seconds or under.

Watch below for a sneak peak of lighting fast registration: Winimy AI’s voice automated registration system simplifies the often long and cumbersome registration process to delight attendees. To know more about how Winimy AI can help you build the VOICE of the brand , email us at [email protected]

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