Singapore is on its way to becoming a Smart Nation; here’s how Winimy is contributing towards it.

17th July 2018

The biennial World Cities Summit is a platform for government leaders and industry experts to address liveable and sustainable city challenges, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships. Under the overarching theme of “Smart cities” and “Smart Nations”, the summit has a global platform called “City Solutions Singapore”  (CSS) which is the preferred global platform to showcase new and cutting-edge solutions for smart nations and urban environments. CSS provides the catalyst for industries to seek new partnerships and business opportunities with over 1,000 participating companies, making it an international marketplace of choice for stakeholders across the value chain of sustainable development.

Winimy founder and CEO Swami was a part of the WCS Young Leaders Symposium on the 1st day of the summit. He commended the collaborative and creative atmosphere that the World Cities Summit has fostered.


“It's great to see so many amazing startups, governments, mayors ideating together about sustainable smarter living. The next wave of innovation will surely be in everyday lives and not in research facilities. Your city is the next lab. And what better place than Singapore to start as it’s the country that supports and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship like no other.”
Swami Sekar
Founder & CEO, Winimy AI


Swami was invited to give a pitch about Winimy AI at the City Innovators Pitch organised by the CSS which presented the 11 most innovative Singaporean startups that are transforming the landscape of smart living and smart cities through their solutions.

There were engaging pitches by visionary companies like PGTEM.IO which provides spatial intelligence for smart security, and CYKLR that eliminates the problem of food wastage through organic compost sales. Swami gave a live demo of Winimy’s Award Winning Solution at his 3 minute pitch which underlined the company’s drive for innovation in voice AI to craft seamless omnichannel engagement for a sustainable and smarter living. Through his demo, he illustrated the potential for integrating voice AI into our daily living and smart city vision.

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