AI as an Emotional Healthcare Companion. Winimy shows how.

16th August 2018

It is estimated that the needs based shortage of healthcare workers globally would be about 17.4 million, of which almost 2.6 million are doctors and over 9 million are nurses and midwives.

There is escalating demand from long-term, chronic disease, rising costs, often with an ageing population and limited resources. With a rise in diseases and a shortage in medically trained professionals, there is a vacuum that has been created in the healthcare sector that may be filled by AI. According to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, “Artificial intelligence represents one of technology’s most important priorities, and healthcare is perhaps AI’s most urgent application”.

Artificial intelligence can be used in the field of healthcare in a myriad of ways.

How is this possible?

Data Availability : The past decade has seen an explosion in the amount of health data that is now available to us. Staying current with and being able to access this data is simply beyond the scope of any human individual, no matter how capable or intelligent. Due to this ubiquitous availability of patient data available online, “Doctors can for the first time use the predictive power of deep learning to directly improve patients’ medical outcomes and saving hospitals’ both time and money”. Machine learning or Artificial intelligence is the tool for this predictive power.

Adoption of AI : The explosion of technology – digitally enabled, wireless connectivity across increasingly mobile devices – has created an increasing democratisation of access for healthcare. Some of the most powerful AI tools are already embedded in Android or iOS.

Health consciousness on the rise: Quick adoption of Technology is providing consumers with the data and information they need to proactively manage their own health and wellness, and to make better, more informed decisions in partnership with their healthcare providers. Being a more active participant in their own health and wellness has now reached critical mass. The increasing ubiquity of the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing about breakthroughs that are erasing healthcare boundaries and enabling care anywhere and everywhere.  And this willingness is extending into the areas of AI and robotics.

Winimy Show the way

Winimy AI has been one of the first Startups to use home devices like alexa to provide medi-care and emotional companionship. The prototype can identify symptoms, suggest medication, connect you to the nearest pharmacy and even and help you order medicine from the nearest pharmacy as well…all from the comfort of your home. Theres no need for typing as the interactive AI helps you out in moments of distress and using our award winning omnichannel technology, it gathers data about your preferences and ensures that you get a solution customised to your needs. Watch a preview of this technology at work.    

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