Winimy Ushers an Era of Smart Events @ Echelon Asia Summit 2018

03rd July 2018

Echelon Asia Summit is e27’s prized event that brings together a consortium of startups, investors, corporates, tech ecosystem players, governments and customers at a single platform.

Winimy AI aims to transform and optimise events through their patented voice powered AI solutions and the company was the official concierge partner at the Echelon event in Singapore which happened between 28 and 29 June 2018.

People all across the globe are embracing smart living right from something as small as the Smartphone to as big as smart kitchens and homes, so why not events?

The Echelon Asia Summit 2018 saw Winimy pushing the barrier of technological innovation with voice AI and incorporating smart living in the events paradigm.

More than 5000 attendees at the Echelon Asia Summit were able to experience the award-winning technology from Winimy at one of the 4 booths to find directions to stages, specific booths, information about talks and breakouts.

With accessibility and customization being the key factors for successful events, the partnership between Winimy and e27 established the fact that Voice AI could be a method for transforming business-customer-attendee conversations.

Swami Sekar, CEO, Winimy AI was quoted on the event.    

“Winimy has a mission to use voice AI to transform the conversation between business and customers. We believe that voice AI is the future in redefining user behavior and business-customers interactions and the next few years will vouch for it.”

Winimy designs and incorporates unified AI-engineered customer engagement solutions that are used for different business’ needs such as digital engagements, events and branding.

The collaboration of Winimy with e27 at the Echelon asia summit 2018 is just the beginning of an era that will see more smart events being organized.  

About the company

Winimy is an AI-engineered customer engagement solutions company. It has expertise in the omnichannel customer engagement technology, AI and voice AI to enhance your offline and digital experience. Winimy can help you boost your customer satisfaction and customer efforts score (CES).  

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