The Voice Revolution: 5 pioneering advancements you need to know.

27th November 2018

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According to a recent Pindrop survey, it is expected that 84% of IT and business decision-makers in the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom are expected to embrace voice AI technologies while 28% have already used it with their customers. It also found out that 94% of managers believed that voice AI brings in customer satisfaction while 88% believe it brings a competitive advantage. These market trends suggest that the “number of businesses to utilize voice to interact with their customers will triple [in the next year], with over two-thirds planning to use voice for the majority of interactions, and nearly one fourth to use voice for all interactions in the next five years.”

An early 2018 study by Spiceworks on AI chatbots and intelligent assistants showed that 24% of large businesses and 16% of small businesses have already adopted such technologies while a combined 27% are expected to adopt in the next 12 months. The study also found out that Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant are the widely-used intelligent assistants in the workplace.

All these figures suggest that voice AI is the next frontier in the technology of business as it slowly replaces keyboard-based input with voice algorithms as the main interaction platform between users and the system. Despite the widespread acceptance of voice AI in businesses, privacy issues about businesses accessing and keeping customer interaction data remain contentious. Here are real-world practical applications of voice technologies and how they boost engagement and drive customer experience:

1. Voice-activated ordering

Leading US pizza chain Dominos has unveiled a voice-activated pizza ordering app that allows customers to order their favourite pepperoni pizza just like in front of the cashier. Developed by Nuance, this Siri-like speech recognition app works alongside its Dru Assist virtual assistant thereby making pizza ordering more efficient, flawless and timely. Furthermore, its machine-learning algorithms provide timely assistance based on your previous ordering experience.

2. Voice-authorized payment transactions

Online payment giant Paypal has leveraged Alexa’s and Siri’s voice recognition capabilities thereby allowing users to check their balance, pay someone or ask for payment from other people. Incorporated in their latest app update, it uses basic voice commands to make any transaction and even provides you with the detailed receipt.

3. Voice AI memos and analytics

San Francisco-based CRM software solutions and cloud computing firm Salesforce has recently unveiled Einstein Voice, an AI assistant that can interpret voice memos and enter critical data on what it hears using voice commands. On the other hand, the accompanying Einstein Voice Bots allows companies to create their custom voice bots that answer customer service questions via a smart speaker.

4. Deep learning, AI-powered voice remote control

Global communications conglomerate Comcast has unveiled its X1 voice remote control powered by deep learning and AI. Their next-generation voice remote control not only provides voice recognition but also natural image processing as well. With a deep learning algorithm, the X1 can now provide more accurate search results with just one press of a button and telling the TV what you want to do.

5. Voice AI enabled shopping lists

When you are making your shopping list, you normally have to keep track of so many items at one time. It makes it easier to dictate what you want to buy while the voice AI keeps track of everything you said and everything will be delivered to you right in your doorstep. British online grocery retailer Ocado is aggressively engaging with customers through Alexa with its voice ordering system to complement its existing point-of-purchase options.

The bottomline:

We can truly say that voice has finally arrived and it will change our digital lives forever. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes that we are now in the golden age of artificial intelligence with its flagship voice assistant Alexa leading the way along with a whole host of new market players.

The future looks bright as more businesses adopt voice AI technologies in order to create more compelling experiences and gain that competitive edge over the others.

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